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When Ryder Entertainment first came to us, they wanted everything from a website to brochures, etc. I told Craig Ryder, the president and CEO, "the logo isn't selling YOU! We need to fix that first." We worked hard and fast as Ryder Entertainment is one of the best entertainment services in the Tri-state area.

Within a day we had a new logo for Craig. He was a little surprised at first having lived a short while with the old logo but realized the boldness and playfulness of our new one. As I said to him, "You want to sell RYDER. The reason we have it at an angle and outside the spotlight is because RYDER is breaking out into new territories and is going uphill!" Craig laughed and said, "You're right".


Yup! We even design tickets.
Of course, we try to make
them somewhat colorful.
And as always, as
inexpensive as possible.