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300 Classics! 928 tracks! FINAL!

    In January 2008, the mother of two of my students asked if I could give her a list of "the worlds greatest music" for her sons to listen to. It became immediately obvious to me, with today's technology, I could do that best with a weekly "broadcast" via the internet for all of my students and friends. These "broadcasts" could subsequently be downloaded to an iPod/iPad/iPhone or MP3 player and listened to at one's leisure. I completed 300 such classics in January of 2014.

    My criteria was to provide what I deemed to be "great music" - music which this new generation (my students) may not have had the opportunity to experience via the media and/or everyday life. The styles represented are anything from Plainchant to Mozart to Chopin to Swing Jazz.

    I occasionally ventured into musical forms and orchestrations which involved more current music - but only to make a musical point involving the continuing importance and influence of "that which is classic" on all music.

    Got anything to say, I'm still learning too.

    Enjoy! Happy listening ...

Jeffrey Reid Baker 1/20/2014